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Past Papers

If you are in Matric, the importance of using old exam papers in preparing for your National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams, cannot be over emphasised. By using past exam papers as part of your preparation, you can find out what you already know. By the same token you also find out what you do not know well enough or don’t know at all.

What is more, they can also be used as an organisational tool to manage your time better, as you can plan according to each section of the paper. They also serve to help familiarise you with the terminology and vocabulary used in the actual exam.

Benefits of Studying Past Exam Papers

Studying past matric papers are a valuable part of exam preparation and help keep revision focused on important themes whilst practicing exam style questions.

Past exam papers are one of the most helpful tools available to prepare for both internal and external examinations as they provides students with practical insight into how the forthcoming exam paper is likely to look and the key themes or subject areas most likely to be covered.

In,  you will find plenty of past exam papers  and they are also categorized chapter by chapter and then you will not get lost while you are seeking the past matric questions about only particular topic or chapter. In the future, there will be more subjects and trial matric papers on the site to help you more... You can download past matric papers as zip archive or just follow the menu to download the papers. If it is asked password is